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Listen to Sabrina Gordon, Speaker for AAM PMU School Podcast & Coaching Series


Join the ranks of the most skilled and successful permanent makeup artists with our 100-hour PMU Primary Education course. Designed to provide unmatched training and education, our three-month program is the perfect choice for students who want to stand out in this competitive field. Gain hands-on experience and learn from industry experts - enroll today!


Our Deluxe Student Kit in our Permanent Cosmetic Training Class is a comprehensive collection of high-quality tools and products designed to equip students with everything they need to excel in their training. This kit has been carefully curated to ensure that students have access to the best materials and resources available. 

The kit includes a range of professional-grade permanent cosmetic devices, such as advanced rotary PMU cordless machine, which is essential for achieving precise and flawless results.


To complement the devices, the kit also provides:

  • Premium Box of 1RL Needle Cartridges 

  • Brow Mapping Tools

  • High Quality Pigment

  • Practice Latex Skins

  • After Care Products

  • Client Forms customizable for your practice.  


The History of Permanent Makeup

  • Safety & Sterilization

  • OSHA Guideline

  • BloodBorne Pathogens

  • Overview of Industry Resources

Anatomy of the Skin, Eyes, and Lips

  • Proper Needle Depth

  • Effects of Improper Needle Depth

  • The Color of Skin

  • Fitzpatrick Scale

  • Skin Undertones

Color Theory

  • Traditional Color Theory

  • Permanent Cosmetic Color Theory

  • Munsell's Color Theory

  • Warm vs Cool Color Theory

  • Additive vs Subtractive Color Theory

  • Density of Color

  • Corrective Color The

Intro into Pigmentogy

  • Ink vs Pigment

  • Organic & Inorganic Pigments

  • Translucency vs  Opaque Pigments 

  • Color Index Numbers

Month One

Flex Schedule 
to meet the individual schedule needs our students have.  

At PGI, we strongly believe in providing 1:1  hands-on training with our Platinum Certified Trainers to offer the most effective and beneficial learning experience for our students.  We have chosen this approach to maximize comfort, confidence,  skill level, and learning style.


One-on-one training allows students to learn at their own pace without feeling pressured or held back by others' progress. The instructor can focus solely on the student's progress and provide immediate feedback and guidance from start to finish which ensures our students are prepared upon graduation to begin their PMU careers. 


The core Apprenticeship requirement to meet AAM & SPCP board certifications minimum requirement is six in all states, excluding NJ.  The minimum Board of Health requirement is fifteen in the state of New Jersey.  We offer this extended Apprenticeship to out-of-state students as well if requested. 

PMU Training must include:

  • Five Ombre Powder Brows

  • Five Lash-Liner Enhancements

  • Five Lip Blush Tattoo 

Performed on live models. Check out our Instagram Student Page to see our students work.  

While group classes may have their merits, we firmly believe that one-on-one training provides a superior learning experience in our permanent cosmetic training academy.  We strive to not only to teach technical skills, but also to foster professional growth among our students. This comprehensive approach equips students with the knowledge and tools for long-term success.

Month Two


Advanced Pigmentology - Take your six week experience of working with the top pmu brands of pigments and now create a palate designed just for your preferences.  In this workshop we will be diving deeper in the understanding of pigments particle size, our Trainer's favorite mixtures, understanding mass, mid, and based tones better, SDS sheet for each pigmented, plus creating your color charts for your PMU buisness.  

Microblading 101- This workshop offers an entire advanced education into hairstrokes using both microblading & nano brows.  Student Training Manual provided, micorblades, needles for nano brows, and practice skins.  


PMU Professional Insurance Webinar -Our professional insurance webinar for permanent makeup is a comprehensive and informative session designed specifically for permanent makeup artists seeking to understand the importance of insurance coverage in their practice. Led by industry experts, this webinar covers essential topics such as liability risks, policy options, coverage limits, and claims procedures. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the specific insurance needs of permanent makeup professionals and learn how to protect themselves from potential lawsuits, accidents, or unforeseen incidents that could impact their business. By attending this webinar, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions about selecting the right insurance coverage for their permanent makeup practice. 

  • Marketing & Social Media

  • Branding For PMU Business 

  • Internship Program Available

  • How to Open Your Business



At Pretty Girls Ink, we prioritize the success of our students in achieving their board certification. Our comprehensive training program is designed to thoroughly prepare you for your board certification exams at the end of your training with us. With our dedicated approach to preparing students for board certification exams, you can feel confident in your abilities and knowledge as you take this important step towards professional recognition in the industry.

To receive more detailed information please call us or submit a contact form below. 

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