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(NJ Required Training Course)

Class fee includes:

  •     100 hr Permanent Makeup Primary Training 

  •     Brow Mapping on Live Models 

  •     Ombre Brow Microshading  

  •     Lip Blush Tattoo Online Tutorial 

  •     Lip Blush Hands-on Training 

  •     Eyeliner Lash Enhancement Hands-on  

  •     Microblading & Nano Brow Training Module

  •     Pigmentology & Corrective Color Theory

  •     Student Kits include PMU Machine 

In this course, you will learn the following:

  •     Safety & Infection Control 

  •     Bloodborne Pathogen for Tattoo Artist 

  •     Anatomy of the Face  & The Color of Skin

  •     Machines & Needle Configurations  

  •     Client forms and Medical Contraindications 

  •     Permanent Cosmetic Color Theory

  •     Professional Insurance and Board 

  •     Internship Available Upon Graduation

Join the ranks of the most skilled and successful permanent makeup artists with our 100-hour PMU Primary Education course. Designed to provide unmatched training and education, our three-month program is the perfect choice for students who want to stand out in this competitive field. Gain hands-on experience and learn from industry experts - enroll today!

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Listen to Sabrina Gordon, Speaker for AAM PMU School Podcast & Coaching Series

PMU Workshops

Our PMU Workshop offers one and two day workshops for budding PMU artists. If you're looking to learn the basics of PMU, our shorter classes are perfect for you. Our experienced instructors will teach you everything you need to know, from color theory to proper technique, so that you can create beautiful and natural-looking permanent makeup.

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Ombre' Brow Powder Brow Class

A two-day ombre brow course is an intensive, hands-on learning opportunity that covers the basics of ombre brow techniques. These courses can include:


  • Sanitation,

  • Skin analysis

  • Color theory

  • Mapping brow design 

  • Pixel shading,

  • Correct Skin Depth

  • Live Model Demo

  • Practice on Latex

Includes Machine, 10 needles, & Practice Pigment.  $1699.00 

Lip Blush Tattoo Class 

One day Lip Blush Tattoo Course designed to teach you how to successfully incorporate Lip Blush Tattoo to your beauty business. This course includes:

  • Sanitation

  • Lip Color Analysis

  • Color Theory

  • Lip Mapping

  • Soft Blush Technique 

  • Correct Depth

  • Live Model Demo

  • Practice on latex

Includes Machine, 10 needles, & Practice Pigment. $999.00

PMU Tattoo Removal

One day course covering PMU & Tattoo Saline removal is designed to lighten unwanted pigment from the skin.  This course will teach you how to safely remove permanent makeup, microblading, SMP, and can even be used to remove body art. 


Live demonstration and product knowledge of all the saline removal systems currently used in the permanent cosmetic industry. 

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