Cellular renewal for acne-prone or problematic skin Pumpkin Clarifying Mask is specifically formulated to help loosen blackheads and whiteheads. Daily use leaves skin feeling super-clean and looking smoother and clearer.



  • Exceptionally effective at promoting the disappearance of whiteheads and blackheads.
  • Exfoliates and brings out the fresh, smooth skin underneath.




Pumpkin Enzyme: Loaded with proteases, which help break down dead skin, working to empty pores of debris and help clear up whiteheads and blackheads. Exceptionally non-irritating and therefore great as a facial mask.


Pumpkin Essential Oil: A delightful, aromatherapy treat to the senses.


Kaolin: Also called China Clay, it absorbs surface oils to give the skin a soft, matte texture. 


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