Rapid moisture replacement for dull, aging skin Lipid Drops brings back baby-soft skin and helps replenish skin’s lipid barrier. Daily use helps restore skin’s ceramides and sphingolipids and immediately gives skin a soft look and feel.



Increase skin smoothness boost hydration.

Decrease the appearance of fine lines Ideal for post-laser application.




Sphingolipids: These lipid ingredients are bio-identical to those found in the skin moisture barrier. Produced by the outermost layer of skin, they play an important part in the retention of moisture in the skin.


Ceramides: A natural part of the cell membrane in the outermost skin layer. They are critical in helping the skin to maintain its moisture-binding and protective barrier functions and they play a key role in maintaining the moisture level and firmness of the skin. Photo micro-graph of the skin surface magnified 30x. Before and After 6 hours of application of Lipid Drops.