Lip Benefits is a cranberry-flavored balm that serves double duty: It provides immediate lip plumping as it protects lip skin from harmful environmental toxins that cause lip thinning, wrinkling and loss of color. Continued use results in greater lip fullness and smoothness.


The main actives in this advanced new formulation are:


TriPeptide Discs: to produce long-lasting plumping effect and enhance lip’s shape, softness, hydration and color


ABF Complex TM: To firm, even, and protect delicate lip skin.


Benzyl Nicotinate: Acts with the other two ingredients to more significantly enhance lip fullness and color. Featured Ingredients: (Benzyl) Nicotinate (a niacin derivative): Benzyl Nicotinate is a user-friendly vasodilator (it increases blood flow to the skin/lips). Women are pleased to achieve plumper, more color-rich lips without exposure to pepper, cinnamon, or other caustic ingredients commonly found in lip plumpers.


Marine Tripeptides: tiny, dehydrated marine-derived microspheres. It has been demonstrated that this natural peptide can help restructure connective tissue by stimulating the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.