100 hour Permanent Makeup & Microblading Primary Training 

The course consists of 35 hours of required theory, 65 hours of permanent cosmetic hands-on apprenticeship training. Training includes Microblading and Ombré Microshading technique. 

Class fee includes:

  • Theory Live Classes

  • NJ Apprenticeship Procedures

  • PMU Training  Manual & Microblading Manual

  • Online Self Study Modules

  • Full Brow Mapping Kit 

  • Needle Cartridges & Microblades 

  • Practice Pigment & Fake Skins

  • Client Forms

In this course, you will learn:

  •  Safety & Infection Control

  •  History of Cosmetic Tattoo

  •  Anatomy of the Face

  •  Machines & Needle Configurations

  •  Perfect Brow Design

  •  Color Theory & Correction

  •  Client forms and Medical Contraindications

  •  15 Hands-on PMU Procedures - *$150 set up fee for the model's procedures.

  •  Unlimited Continued Support Included

Additional support included: 

  • Letter of Apprenticeship upon completion provided to meet New Jersey Requirements. 

  • AAM & CPCP Exam Preparation

  • Work Program at PGI Studios for Graduates.

  • Alumni discounted pricing on Advanced Classes.

  • Microblade Advanced Workshop and Private Instruction Included.


In-House Financing Options Available 

Please contact us for details at 928-300-0231 

Listen to Sabrina Gordon  Speaker for AAM PMU School Podcast & Coaching Series


Advanced Classes and Workshops

Lip Blush PMU -  In this course, you will learn how to perform the soft-ink Lip Blush technique referred to as Watercolour Lip Colour.  This cosmetic tattoo is a client favorite due to the fuller appearance of the lip & the subtle lip gloss type coverage. This course has everything from pre & post care, identifying lip undertone, color theory, depth & pressure, and the healing process.  $499 (1 day with hands-on with a live model). 

Advanced Eyeliner - A truly advanced course for tattoo eyeliner.  This 2-day course is designed to take your permanent makeup eyeliner skills beyond the lash line. You will learn winged and bottom liner for a more dramatic effect to satisfy your eyeliner-obsessed clients!  This course covers everything you need to know about the step-by-step process of creating tattoo liners, has a live demonstration, and hands-on procedure day.  $2995 (2-day course, live demo, course materials provided, and hands-on procedure on day two.

PMU Tattoo Removal- Saline removal is designed to lighten unwanted pigment from the skin.  This course will teach you how to safely remove permanent makeup, microblading, SMP, and can even be used to remove body art.  Live demonstration and product knowledge of all the saline removal systems currently used in the permanent cosmetic industry.  Follow a live case study through the process of a six moth removal for proper understanding and depth of knowledge. $650 (1-day course, online training module included, and live demo and six-month case study on progress)